Shunyata Denali stroomvoorziening

Met de Denali-reeks heeft Shunyata Research een oplossing voor verstoringen op het lichtnet.

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Met de Denali-reeks heeft Shunyata Research een oplossing voor verstoringen op het lichtnet. Het gaat om de volgende producten:

Denali 2000T
The DENALI 2000/T is Shunyata Research’s two-outlet reference power-distributor designed specifically for high-current applications such as amplifiers, projectors or electronics that are remote from the main system. The key feature of the DENALI 2000/T is the patented QR/BB technology that noticeably improves the dynamic performance of high-current electronics. The 2000/T will also improve the performance of remotely located components that may benefit from the DENALI’s ability to improve dynamics while lowering the noise floor.

Denali 6000T
The Shunyata Hydra Denali D6000/T power conditioner represents the incomparable state-of-the-art in performance, technology, and physical design. Every aspect of the six-outlet, three-zone Hydra Denali D6000/T is made to better perfect your listening experience by ensuring you hear more information, nuance, detail, presence, immediacy, clarity, and tonality. The industry’s first power conditioner available in the form of a space-saving vertical tower, D6000/T features an integrated base platform that simultaneously provides vibration isolation and a rock-solid foundation.

Denali 6000S V2
The Denali 6000/S Version 2 adds measurably improved performance and technology to a design that has won multiple Product of the Year Awards and raves from every critic covering them. Design advances within Denali v2 include objectively lowered noise, double the outlet zone-isolation and superior high-current performance for amps and other high-current electronics on all outlets.  Denali 6000/S represents Shunyata Research’s flagship six-outlet power distributor. With six independent zones of noise isolation, the Denali 6000/S can be used for an entire six component system that includes digital, analog and high-current electronics. All six outlet zones are designed to provide both exceptional high-current performance and discretely filtered noise isolation that all but eliminates cross talk between components.

T(ower) or S(elf)? 
The DENALI tower models are uniquely vertically oriented. The narrow front profile allows the DENALI to be placed beside an audio rack without taking up valuable shelf space. The close proximity to the audio equipment allows for shorter and neater AC power connections. They have their own integrated, vibration dampening base platform complete with integral stainless steel feet. The DENALI 6000/S was designed for those who prefer a traditional shelf mount unit. The The DENALI 6000/S has the same specifications and performance as the tower model minus the integrated base platform.