Raidho X-1

Small speaker. Big Sound.

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Small speaker. Big Sound.

Comments from the press:

Almost as impressive in its own way was Raidho’s least expensive speaker, the tiny $7k X-1 stand-mounted two-way, which I also auditioned in Pandrup. When combined with Ansuz cables, vibration control, and power products (all designed by Borresen), the X-1 generated a wrap-around soundstage the likes of which I’ve only heard before from MBL’s Radialstrahler omnis. The speaker’s disappearing act within this truly vast and enveloping soundfield was ear-boggling! Plus it has a warm, rich, full balance similar to that of Raidho’s widely celebrated C-1.1 two-way (which is considerably larger). Simply put, another great transducer from Raidho.
Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound

Let’s be clear about loving these speakers. At the house, I listened. When I was working, I wanted to listen. When out of the house, I was thinking about them. They are that wonderful. And, it is not infatuation. I love the design, I love the look, I love the sound.
Anthony Kershaw, Audiophilia 

Extra informatie


145x320x230 mm


8.0 kg

Frequency response



> 6 ohm


3.5 kHz 2. order


Vented design

Drive units

1 seal ribbon tweeter, 1 x 100 mm ceramic driver


Black piano