AudioQuest NightHawk

De eerste hoofdtelefoon van AudioQuest is meteen een schot in de roos. De NightHawk kreeg lovende kritieken.

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AudioQuest headphones combine sophisticated materials and innovative design to provide outstanding comfort, gorgeous looks, and naturally beautiful sound for immersive, enriching, fatigue-free listening. These are products design to engage, seduce, and satisfy all of the senses. Products designed to inspire: music lovers and headphone enthusiasts, as well as thinkers, builders, engineers, and creators of all sorts. Products designed, like all AudioQuest products, to minimize distortion and to do no harm.

Headphone Specifications

Cable Specifications

  • Length: 8’ (2.4m)
  • Conductors: Solid Perfect-Surface Copper+ (PSC+)
  • Geometry: Symmetric Star-Quad
  • Dielectric: Foamed-Polyethylene
  • NDS: Noise-Dissipation System
  • Terminations: 3.5mm Stereo > Dual 2.5mm Mono | Direct-Silver Plated Copper