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Betrouwbaar advies over upgrade en optimalisering van uw systeem

  • State Of The Art High End Audio apparatuur. Combineren met synergie.
  • Draaitafels, perfect afgeregeld om meer uit uw vinyl te halen.
  • Streaming audio Aurender, Auralic en Lumin met bijvoorbeeld Meitner en EMMLabs converters.
  • Akoestiek: wij werken samen met Rivasono voor akoestiekmetingen, akoestiekproducten en aanpassingen. Geniet meer van uw hifi !

Grote luisterruimte

Zanden, Octave Jubilee set, Blumenhofer Gran Gioia, Magico M5, EMMLabs XDS-1, Acoustic Signature Grande met StrainGauge

Luisterruimte boven

dCS, Meitner, Feickert, VPI, OCTAVE, MOON, NAGRA op Audio Physic, Marten, Martin Logan, Raidho

Luisterruimte beneden

Moon Neo, KR Audio, Peachtree, op Audio Physic Classic, Quad

About the owner

“I am always trying to bring the term high end to a new level”

Owner of A10Audio Alex Loth studied physics and mechanical engineering that gave him an analytical and solid theoretical base.

Fortunate to have a large and constantly growing network of enthusiastic experts who gladly share their knowledge and experience. Over 30 years passionate about realistic and involving music reproduction and constantly searching for improvements. Thousands of listening hours and trying and combining many brands of audio equipment formed an unequalled experience library.

Other passion: Business Consultancy activities helping Start-Ups, based on practical and hands-on experience gained in managing several commercial and technical companies in the past.

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