Raidho TD3.2

Floor standing 3 way loudspeaker. Cutting Edge Diamond Technology.

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De Raidho TD3.2 is een verder verbeterde versies van de Raidho D3, waarover de hifipers al juichend was:

Highend Show Munich 2013
Raidho demonstrated their entire program, so there was a big difference in sound depending when you came by. I was listening to the small D2, which I absolutely love.

D3 as seen in the foreground on top form, I heard late on Sunday. It was one of the fair’s highlights. With eyes closed (I was not asleep!) Disappeared speakers, trade show, audience and all the delicate electronics from DCS and Jeff Rowland. There was only vocals and the music back. Wildly impressive.
AudioPathWays, Jan Nielsen Editor

Extra informatie


200 x 1360 x 520 mm


65 Kg

Frequency response

30 Hz – 50 KHz


> 5.8 ohm


150 Hz and 3 KHz 2. Order


Port in rear panel, Vented design

Drive units

1. 100 mm Diamond Midrange driver, 1. sealed ribbon tweeter, 3. 115 mm Diamond Bass driver


All possible paint colors, Black piano, Walnut Burl Veneer


> 50 W (Though we have seen excellent results with small tube amplifiers)