Merill Jens


Jens Phono stage. Setting the new standard for phono stages.

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The Jens Phonostage preamplifier took seven years of research and testing, and a full year of production, to reach fruition. In listening tests it has out-performed many highly-respected phonostages, and is poised to take its position as one of the world’s best.

The best phono cartridges are typically low output moving coil and are the hardest to amplify with low noise, high gain and good dynamics.

The Jens phono stage is specially designed for these low output moving coil cartridges providing and astounding 70db gain with very low noise and excellent dynamics seldom heard on Phono pre-amplifiers. Using solid state devices with multiple power supply filtering, the Jens phono stage is designed first to limit noise, then to ensure dynamics and with that has a gain that is 70db.

Using technology that Jens Waale developed over a 7 year period, every Jens Phono stage is hand built using top quality components which are hand tested. A special circuit design is used that provide the excellent dynamics heard on the Jens Phono stage. The Jens Phono stage provide a 0.01db RIAA curve equalization.

The whole unit is a housed in a steel chassis to limit any EMI/RFI interference and noise in the 70db of gain provided. Pure copper, Rhodium plated RCA’s from Furutech are provided for the inputs and the outputs. An external power supply is used with additional filtering inside the Jens phono stage.

  • With 70 dB of gain, you can play any moving coil cartridge
  • Set your load from 25Ω to 5 kilohms
  • Huge headroom for excellent transient volume
  • External power supply
  • Better than 0.1dB RIAA equalization
  • Single ended inputs
  • Isoacoustics GAIA III footers