Magico S5

After the award-winning Q Series Magico set a new benchmark in fidelity: a range of value-laden designs to make Magico performance more accessible. A simplified version of the Q would have been the obvious and easy answer – but inevitably a compromise, and compromise is not in Magico’s philosophy. The solution was to design a new loudspeaker from the ground up.

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The simple but pleasing lines of the enclosure hide a wealth of technology that is there for one purpose: to serve music – and the best service a loudspeaker can give is to be no more than a clear and unconstrained pathway. That is the ethos of every transducer that we design.

With its panels meticulously engineered from half-inch thick aluminum extrusions 16 inches in diameter, the curved form of the S5 pays homage to our original standard-setting standmount, the Mini. Cabinet bracing is ensured by the use of machined formers that are more simple than the highly complex interlocking architecture of the heroic Q Series, and thus less labor-intensive. Combine this with a more conventional flat front baffle, and you will see how we have been able to make the S5 more affordable.

Our Nano-tech drivers are legendary for their true pistonic movement, high power handling and uncolored presentation. In addition to our well-known six-inch midrange and one-inch Beryllium tweeter – a unit found in speakers bearing six-figure price tags – the three-way S5 flaunts a pair of our new 10-inch bass drivers that dig way down to 22hz, but without a trace of boom or flab. Rafter-shaking, yes, but rafter-shaking that will shock with its precision.

The S5 comes in a variety of finishes in addition to our signature anodized black, thus making it even greater value for money and easily adaptable to your listening room decor. The nature of the enclosure makes it particularly suitable for our new satin M-CAST finishes, which are available in six standard colors, or lustrous automotive high- gloss at additional cost.

Another first for Magico is a removable black grille to protect the speaker from inquisitive fingers and paws, and for those who prefer not to look at a baffle full of drivers.

Comments by the press

The S5’s resolution is superb, it’s about as neutral as a speaker can be, and it can go extraordinarily low in the bass for a sealed-box design
Doug Schneider, SoundStage Hifi 2013


Driver Complement:
1 x 1″ MB30 Tweeter
1 x 6″ MB80 Midrange
2 x 10” Hybrid Nano-Tec®Bass

Sensitivity: 89dB

Impedance: 4 Ohms

Frequency Response:
22 Hz – 50 kHz

Recommended Power:
50-1200 watts

48”H x 14”D x 1”5W
(122cm x 36cm x 38cm)

Weight: 190 lbs. (86 kg)