Gratis firmware upgrade voor Meitner en EMMLabs bezitters.

Meitner persbericht

Voor Meitner MA-1 en MA-2 en DAC2x is deze upgrade nu beschikbaar.
Dit kan op afspraak in de winkel, bij een espresso en room 4 music 😉

More than a year in development and testing, EMM Labs and Meitner Audio is proud to announce the release of our MDAT2 DSP update that will take all our current DAC platforms (DAC2X, XDS1 V2, MA-1, MA-2) to that next level in audio performance.

MDAT is our high performance multi-award winning DSP engine. It takes all digital audio (PCM and DSD) and does real-time transient filtering and up-conversion to 2xDSD (5.6Mhz/6.1Mhz) before being sent to Ed`s proprietary custom made 2xDSD (5.6Mhz/6.1Mhz) DACs (MDAC modules) for conversion to analog.

With MDAT processing, there is no pre and post ringing (please see MDAT .JPG diagram), which is why MDATunlike any other processing technology is unique in its ability to preserve the phase, frequency and dynamic integrity of the waveform.

In MDAT2 we have built an improved new DSP engine with:

· Increased sonic detail from all digital audio streams (PCM and DSD) using new high-resolution algorithms

· Time and frequency response filters that are greatly optimized

· A new signal processing engine that is built for very high-precision audio up-sampling (2xDSD up-conversion)

· A new more accurate 2xDSD up-sampling algorithm

Think of it as supercharging your DAC! Accuracy, transparency, soundstage, low level detail all greatly improved and refined. All these improvements providing the listener with a more immersive experience and bringing further all music to life. The best thing is….you will receive this new MDAT2 engine for free!

For those with current EMM Labs (DAC2X, XDS1 V2) or Meitner Audio (MA-1, MA-2) products contact your dealer or distributor to schedule the update being released shortly after the HK Show (middle of August 2014).

MDAT and MDAT2 are both patented. Associated algorithms are patent pending.