Audio Physic als merk toegevoegd met nieuwste model, de Avantera

Opvolger van de succesvolle Avanti, gaat deze Avantera een stap verder.
Ze staan speelklaar, al zo’n honderd uur ingespeeld.


Psych profile:
•Superbly crafted slim tower in décor-friendly dimensions. The drivers are carefully calibrated in-house designs and the entire project exudes extreme care during development.
•Well extended articulated easeful bass whose clean demeanour without special effects should serve over many years.
•Very transparent vocal band with proper saturation and weight.
•Very clean and non-demonstrative treble which avoids prior tendencies toward the bright and emphasized.
•Resolving power at the highest level relative to stage dimensions as well as to tone colors, dynamics and timing. This introduces new and gripping detail in familiar recordings. Because all drivers are purpose-designed as a team, such detail specificity doesn’t dissect the whole and instead maintains proper overall flow and integration.